Annise Designs

This is our latest post in a series of featured makers. We are introducing our makers one at a time and giving you a bit of a behind-the-scenes story and insights to their practice. This week we would like to introduce:

Annise Designs


First up. Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, Im Rebekah, known as Rebekah Annise for my business. The name Annise comes from mine and my daughters middle name. I make hand poured soy candles from my own home in the beautiful Central Hawkes Bay. I do a vast array of candles, some from repurposed, recycled pieces and some from new vessels. Just in the last month I have launched my website.

How and why did you get started (instead of getting a proper job like your mother told you)?

I have always loved candles so thought I would give it a go to start making my own. So have been making my own soy candles for 2 years now in between being a mum and working part time.  Recently I have resigned from my ‘proper job’ and now am loving being at home full time, being a mum, housewife and maker.

What was the first thing you made?

Probably some really bad sewing!

Who or what influences you or inspires you?

My gorgeous kids, my long suffering partner (being an engineer he has to make me things I ‘need!’),  nature, flowers, fauna, my garden, interiors, my best friend of 18 years, different interesting blogs and people. I have recently discovered the blog: ‘perfectly imperfectly living’ which is so beautiful and inspiring to me. NZ design, magazines and books.


What is your favourite part of making?

Seeing the raw material develop into a candle (different everytime!)

How do you market your business?

Facebook, Ig, website

What tips do you have for others starting out in this game?

Find your passion. Just give it a go. Start somewhere. I have tried and failed at all sorts of things which I thought were ‘good ideas’! Talk with people who have done something similar or have / had a business.

If you could gift one of your creations to anyone living or dead. Who would that be and what would you give them? Why?

Thats a hard one, because deceased people I admire from the past probably wouldnt want or need a candle! But I think one of my candles would look nice in the home of the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker.

DSC_4762 IMG_9951

Do you have any new ideas on the drawing board?

Working with other NZ creatives / bloggers

World Domination! How will you achieve it?

I wouldn’t, can’t usually remember what I did yesterday!

What is next for you?

Maybe a bit more wholesale, more promotion, marketing etc for my website.

Thanks for sharing your time and giving us an insight to your brand. We look forward to seeing your development and growth. Annise Designs can be found at their website , on Facebook and in-store at The Department of Curiosities and Fine Things in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.